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This is the page for 121-123 Cowley Road.

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2017: Smartphones and rough sleeping outside 121 Cowley Road.


This building houses a branch of Bettfreds betting shop downstairs. Upstairs are the offices of local listings company DailyInfo, whose weekly announcement bulletin is posted in shops and pubs across the city.

1970s - 1980s

Kelly's Directory 1971 to 1976 list 121 as the Trustee Savings Bank. Also In Thomson's Directory 1981 and 1992


Kellys Directory 1962 to 1970 Nos 121 & 123 Currys Ltd radio dealers

before?1943 -1960

Kellys Directory 1943 to 1960 Nos 121 & 123 S H Wiggins, cycle makers

Before then?

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