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This is the page for 134 Cowley Road.

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1995: Asiatic Foods, photographed by Martin Stott

 ?Date - present

The shop is empty. It was formerly 'Global Pound Plus' hardware store.

The end wall used to have a mural with the word 'welcome' in many languages [1].

This mural was replaced with one by a local artist in black, white and red (visible in the April 2017 photo, right). At the Cowley Road Carnival 2017 this was painted over by Jonny and the Oxford Street Art Collective with a picture of the Radcliffe Camera.


Asiatic Foods, see photo below right

Thomsons Directory 1991 No 134 B J Johnson
Thomsons Directory 1988 No 134 Provincial Home Loans
Thomson's Directory 1981 and 1984 No 134 Gateway Travel Agency
Kelly's Directory 1972 to 1976 No 134 P Adamou, tailor (previously at No 110)
Kelly's Directory 1970 No 134 The Griddle Bar
Kelly's Directory 1954 to 1969 No 134 Estelle Ltd ladies outfitters (Philip Cohen)
Kelly's Directory 1952 No 134 Helène Brown costumier

Before then?

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  1. Allsop commercial sales included photos when the property was put up for sale (date not known). http://www.auction.co.uk/commercial/LotDetails.asp?A=654&MP=84&ID=654000030