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This is the page for 134b Cowley Road.

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 2011? - present

2017: Squatters open the upstairs floor as a homeless hostel, protesting the lack of affordable accommodation in the city.

This is a Sainsbury's Local.[1]

The upstairs is vacant office space which has been up for rent for several years. In early 2017 it was briefly occupied and opened as a squatted night shelter by the Iffley Open House group, a partnership between local homeless people and activists formed to provide shelter throughout the coldest months of the 2016-17 winter [2]. The action was widely covered in the local media [3].

1990s and 2000s

1995: Photographed by Martin Stott

 Blockbuster Video. Listed as 2 - 5 Tyndale House, Cowley Road in Thomsons Directory 1998 and 2010


'Ritz' video hire. Thomsons Directory 1991 2-5 Tyndale House, Cowley Rd Ritz Video Hire

1968 - 1980s

Here were the offices of the Department of Health and Social Security
This was a Green Shield Stamp shop.[4]

Kellys Directory 1952 to 1971 Cowley St John senior girls' school

1868 - 1963

How the corner of James Street would look today if the church still stood. Drawing based on archive photograph of the former Congregational Church.

A Congregational Church stood on the site of Tyndale House during this period. It was established as a mission from the Congregational Chapel in George Street, Oxford in 1868/9, changing its name to Tyndale Church in 1955. It was closed in 1962 and demolished in 1963.[5]

Postcard of Cowley Road in about 1900. The Congregational Church on the site of Tyndale House can be seen on the left standing on the corner James Street . On the eastern corner of James Street is Edward Radbone's grocer's shop and post office at No.136.

Before then?

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