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Albemarie Bond Pawnbrokers in April 2017, photo by Eleanor Greenhalgh

This is the page for 164 Cowley Road.

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H & T Pawnbrokers

 before?1991 - 2019

This was Albemarle Bond Pawnbrokers. Thomsons Directory 1991 No 164 Albemarle & Bond Pawnbrokers Ltd In September 2019, all branches of Albermarle & Bond were closed down. On 18 September The Guardian reported that valuables from branches across the country had been brought to the warehouse behind the shop at 164 Cowley Road, leading to standoffs between security staff and irate customers attempting to get their valuables back.

1964 - after?1988

Kelly's Directory 1964 to 1976 No 164 Pascall's Furnishers ltd, house furnishers (also at No 23 and Nos 176 to 178). Also in Thomsons 1984 and 1988


Kelly's Directory 1962 No 164 Watson & Son electrical engineers

1900s - 1960

Kelly's Directory 1952 to 1960 No 164 Twining Bros Ltd grocers
Kelly's Directory 1899 and 1920 No 184 F Twining grocer

Before then?

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