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This is the page for 193 Cowley Road.

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1995: Photographed by Martin Stott


This address is occupied by Crown House. Downstairs is Sundaes Gelato ice cream parlour. Upstairs is the Tara Yoga centre, which offers courses in yoga and tantra.


Spire furniture shop [1]


Planning permission was granted in 1996 for the ground floor to become an 'internet cafe'[2]. It was only around a short while.


Alldays your local store (see photo below)

1980s - 1990s

It was 'Quickstop', a convenience shop, during the late 1980s and 1990s, then it became a second hand furniture shop for a while before 'Gelato' took over. Thomsons Directory 1991 Quick Stop, Quest Circulations Ltd, and Oxford Clinical Communications

1986 - ?1989

A kung-fu dojo (on the first floor) run by Martial Arts World Champon Clive Parkinson. A short clip about Clive can befound on YouTube. Planning application for changing the first floor from an office to a Kung Fu gym was given in 1986. [3] In 1989 a planning appplication was made to convert the gym to offices again.

1966 - 1980s

Kelly's Directory 1966 to 1976 No 193 John Blundell Ltd credit drapers (also in Thomsons 1984)
Kelly's Directory 1967 to 1976 No 193 Customs & Excise Offices

1920s - 1960s

Kelly's Directory 1952 to 1964 No 193 Fortescue & Keen, florists
Kelly's Directory 1920 No 193 Mrs L M Fortescue, nursery

Before then?

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