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This is the page for 220 Cowley Road.

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2019, just after demolition
7th April 2004


August 2019 nos 220 & 222 now demolished

2017 - 2019

This was the 420 Skate Shop. Part of a chain which has 13 shops (at July 2017). Moved spring 2019 to 114 Cowley Road 

 ?Date - ?Date

This shop used to be the Leys Pharmacy. After the pharmacy closed, the shop was briefly occupied by 'Fred & Zappi's Halloween Fancy Dress Shop'. An image can be seen here.

2005 - 2010

This was Charles Lawson Lettings. Query?  Charles Lawson Lettings is listed in Thomsons Directory at Nos 278-280 2006 to 2009


In 2004 this was squatted as the Oxford Social Centre or OCSET (Tesco backwards). See indymedia.org.uk/en/2004/04/288643.html


This was the home of The Rap Yard, a spin off from the Right Angle Productions youth project that described itself thus:

"[RAP] works with young people to help them play a greater part in the life of their community, and to build their skills and self-esteem. RAP does this by using film and video, and other creative art forms in a youth-led, participative way. RAP works in Oxford linked to a global network.[1]"


Thomsons Directory 1991 No 220 Deckerway Leisure Ltd bookmakers


Thomsons Directory 1984 and 1988 Two Twenty, ladies hairdressers

1966 - 1970s

Kelly's Directory 1976 No 220 Oxford Hair Care, ladies hairdressers
Kelly's Directory 1966 to 1975 No 220 Annette ladies hairdressers (earlier at No 154). In 1968 82 people were arrested in protests against racial discrimination by this salon. The owner Mrs Annette Roberts claimed she had given appointments to some coloured ladies, but not those with frizzy hair as she had neither the equipment nor the skills to deal with it.[2]

1954 - 1956

Kelly's Directory 1954 to 1956 No 220 F F J Casey chiropodist

Before then?

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