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This is the page for 234 Cowley Road.

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 ?Date - present

This is The Baron

From 2017 Cowley Road Carnival memory wall

  • Was Bar Aroma, owned by Busha?
  • "salsa outside with George Martin on carnival day"
  • May have been an antiques shop

2004 - ?Date

The bar was formerly a cocktail bar called Bar Aroma. A picture of the bar can be seen here.


Thomsons Directory 1991 Scoop N Save

1940s - 1980s

Kelly's Directory 1956 to 1976 No 234 Elizabeth, confectioners (L Brooks), still there in photo of 1985.[1]
Kelly's Directory 1943 to 1954 No 234 Lionel Harrison ladies hairdresser
Kelly's Directory 1943 to 1966 No 234 Leslie Holloway estate agents

Before then?

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  1. Marilyn Yurdan The Changing faces of the Cowley Road