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This is the page for 258 Cowley Road.

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2017: Cowley Pharmacy


This is the Cowley Pharmacy.

1980s - ????

2008: the former newsagents. Photo by Ceridwen at geograph.co.uk

Before becoming a pharmacy this shop was a newsagents, as shown in a photo from 2008 by Ceridwen at geograph.co.uk. In 2007, the newsagents was called "Amit and Ajay Stores". See photo in No 260. In the 80s I seem to remember it being called "Divinity Road Newsagents".A photo of 1983 shows Nos 258 and 260 as Divinity Newsagents.[1] See No 262 for Divinity Newsagents in 1979

Thomsons Directory 1991 and 1995 No 258 Classic News (newsagents)
Thomsons Directory 1995 and 1998 No 260 Divinity Wines

1930s to 1970s

Kelly's Directory 1934 to 1976 and Yellow Pages 1979 Nos 258 and 260 Pickett & Sons (Oxford) Ltd, music sellers, later radio dealers

Before then?

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  1. Andy Panton Fare Stage for Bartlemas page 116