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This is the page for 280 Cowley Road.

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2017: The building, newly renovated, sits empty.

Oct 2017 - present

Dainora Tamo Hair Studio


2017: Outside the front door, some beautiful old advertising remains painted on the wall.

This address has just been renovated and sits empty awaiting its next occupant. On the left side of the entrance way outside the door, an intriguing bit of ?Edwardian advertising can be seen painted on the wall. The words 'Tea' and 'Mineral' are visible. Oct 2017 a new sign is up "Dainora Tamo" and it looks like a hairdresser's.


Thomsons Directory 2005 to 2008 Nos 278-280 Charles Lawson Lettings


Thomsons Directory 1991 No 280 Daisies (a branch of an Oxford flower shop)


This was the East Oxford post office during the 1980s. Thomsons Directory 1988 an 1991 No 280a Lithographic Art Films

1940s to 1970s

Kelly's Directory 1943 to 1976 and Yellow Pages 1979 No 280a Classic Press (The) K J Popple proprietor printers
Kelly's Directory 1975 to 1976 No 280 K M McGlynn stationer & post office
Kelly's Directory 1972 to 1973 No 280 E & B M Bird stationer & post office
Kelly's Directory 1958 to 1971 No 280 B Buckingham stationer & post office
Kelly's Directory 1956 No 280 F Nix stationer & post office
Kelly's Directory 1943 to 1954 No 280 C J Ford stationer & post office


This building is listed in the 1932 Kelly's Directory as housing Rogers' printing press (in bold), run by G.F.Rogers and a confectioner and Post Office run by Mrs Eleanor Blanche Rogers, presumably wife to G.F. [1]

Before then?

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  1. Kelly's Directory of Oxford, 1932