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This is the page for 33 Cowley Road.

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2018: Colourful window display in Annie Sloane paint shop.7




This is the Annie Sloan paint shop.


Galeria Brasil selling colourful folk art and crafts of Brazil, run by Celine. See Isolarion by James Attlee "Of Music and Cannibalism". Thomsons Directory 2009 No 33 Galeria Brasil


Thomsons Directory 1988 and 1992 No 33 Bee-Line Bicycles. They later occupied Nos 59 to 65, also No 40, No 55, and are now at No 205


Thomson's Directory 1981 and 1984 No 33 F T Robins, engineering


Kelly's Directory 1971 to 1976 No 33 GMG Racing, motor car accessories

1950s & 1960s

Kellys Directory 1968 Nos 33 and 35 R W Swanton printer
Kellys Directory 1966 to 1968 Nos 33 and 35 Honey & Burrows advertising agents
Kellys Directory 1966 No 33 Robert Brown & Co estate agents
Kellys Directory 1962 to 1964 Nos 33 to 37 Nu Homes furnishers
Kellys Directory 1960 No 33 Oxford Specialists domestic appliances
Kellys Directory  1958 No 33 Wel Shod Ltd boot repairers
Kellys Directory 1952 to 1956 No 33 The Bag Shop (J M Tapsell) leather goods
Kellys Directory 1952 to 1954 No 33 (also) Stevco Ltd coal merchants

Before then?

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