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This is the page for 48 Cowley Road.

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1974 - present

2008: Uhuru Wholefoods, unchanged for many years. Photo by Ceridwen at Geograph.co.uk

This is the Uhuru Wholefoods independent health food shop. These days the shop is a family concern run by Annette and her relatives who live above the shop. However, Uhuru started in the 1970s as a co-operative and was an active hub of local activism at its original location over the road at number 35. See the page for number 35 for more on the organization's rich history.

Before 1974

Annette reports that the shop stood empty for a time before Uhuru moved in. Before that, it was apparently a wool shop. She believes the building was originally a private house.

Kelly's Directory 1972 to 1976 No 48 Southern Services Oxford Ltd heating engineers
Kelly's Directory 1943 to 1964 No 48 Babyland childrens outfitters (Mrs C Argyle)
Kelly's Directory 1934 No 48 Miss Julia White baby linen warehouse

Before then?

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