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This is the page for 65 Cowley Road.

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February 2017: El Houma North African deli glows in the twilight.
March 2012
Photograph taken by Hugh Pryor www.hughpryor.co.uk


Uni Barbers

2017 - 2023

Zak Dry Cleaning (sewing, tailoring, laundry, key cutting)


Oct 2017 sign said Bucuresti (East European food) but it seems to have hardly opened here at all.

2016 - 2017

The new El Houma North African deli opened here at the end of 2016. They told me that 'El Houma' means the 'home', ie local corner shop. Their stated speciality is a delicious type of spicy sausage to be served with harissa. They painted the woodwork red and black, and have retained the original leaded lights in the window.

2014 - 2016

This building stood empty for a few years after being vacated by Beeline Bicycles.

1991 - 2014

Beeline Bicycles was here from 1991[1] until roughly 2014. Originally occupying only no.65 (where it had a yellow livery), it expanded to cover 59-65 (see image below).

They left this location due to their landlord wanting to redevelop 59-63 (since 2008[1]). The landlord decided to let their lease run out to its end in 2015 and 59-63 were presumably redeveloped at that point.[2]

They have been at 205 Cowley Road since. Beeline Bicycles had the woodwork painted blue. Thomsons Directory 1998 and 2004 Nos 59 to 65 Bee Line Bicycles


Thomsons Directory 1995 No 65 Serendipity (previously at No 96)


Thomsons Directory 1988 No 65 Adelaide, fashion shop

before?1979 - after?1981

This was Rainbow's End comic book store. This can be seen in this photo on Flickr.

Yellow Pages 1979 Rainbows End

1950s - 1970s

Kelly's Directory 1956 to 1976 Nos 59 to 65 Leonard Hughes (Supplies) Ltd, drapers
Kelly's Directory 1952 to 1954 No 65 Leonard Hughes (Supplies) Ltd drapers

Before then?

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