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This is the page for 76 Cowley Road.

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December 2016: Barista Tom outside Quarterhorse Coffee the day before the cafe closed for good.
April 2018: The bar of Peloton espresso, decorated with a bicycle theme.
April 2018: View from inside onto the street, looking north.

2017 - present

Peloton Espresso opened here in January 2017. Its owners Matt Rees and Dan Roiser come from Zappis bike and coffee shop in central Oxford. It retains many features from the previous occupants Quarterhorse and still sells Quarterhorse coffee, roasted in Birmingham.

2012 - 2016

Quarterhorse Coffee, owned by Nathan Retzer, was a speciality coffee shop. In the time it was here, many new cafes opened along Cowley road and it became one of a number of speciality or 'hipster' coffee shops with small tables, fast wifi and single-origin brews which have become such a common sight since 2012.

An interview with the folks who ran the coffee shop can be found by clicking this link.


2008: A photo of the IT cafe by Ceridwen from geograph.co.uk

A photo by ceridwen from geograph.org.uk shows the shop in use as an IT cafe. The entrance ramp has not yet been enclosed. Thomsons Directory 2003 IT Café

1980s - 1990s

Thomsons Directory 1984 & 1995 Artemis Books

1972 - 1975

Kellys Directory 1975 No 76 K Swift bookseller
Kellys Directory 1972 to 1973 No 76 Marshall's booksellers


Kellys Directory 1968 No 76 Oxford Automatics games machines


Kellys Directory 1964 No 76 Direct Carpet Fitters Ltd

1900s - 1962

Kellys Directory 1934 to 1962 No 76 Herbert H Windows, outfitter, hosier (see No 54)
Kellys Directory 1899 and 1920 H Windon tailor

The British Motor Industry Heritage trust holds a photo in their archive of this shop in 1961, when it was 'HH Windows'. Sadly the image is under copyright and cannot be reproduced here.

Before then?

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