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This is the page for 90 Cowley Road.

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2018: Rick's cafe is one of the most vegan-friendly spots on Cowley Road. (Its owner, Sam, also opened an almost entirely vegan branch on Iffley Road in early 2018.)

Date? - present

This is Rick's Café, which along with G&D's opens from early morning to late into the evening, and and is a popular spot with students and locals. The address, confusingly, is 88-90 Cowley Road. 88 is the address of the shop next door.


1980s - 2000s

This was the Futon shop, established 1989 [1]. A photo of the shop after it closed can be seen here:  https://flic.kr/p/gqQmZP

Futons Better made last appeared at No 90 in Thomsons Directory 2004.

A photo of these premises "from June 1999" shows that it was once the Trident Discount Centre, along with Nos 88 and 86. This bargain shop caused controversy by opening on Sundays. However Thomsons Directory 1984 has Trident Superstore at No 86, while Thomsons Directory 1995 has Futons Better Made Stylish Unique Furniture at No 90 so the correct date of the photo is probably 1980s.[2]

Thomsons Directory 1991 No 90 Wise Employment Ltd and Seekers estate agents

1900 - 1971

Kellys Directory 1900 to 1971 Nos 86 to 90 F Cape & Co department store

1900 - 1971

Kellys Directory 1900 to 1971 Nos 86 to 90 F Cape & Co department store

Before then?

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