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This is the page for 94 Cowley Road.

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February 2017
Numbers 92-98 Cowley Road circa 1995 during Reclaim the Streets - No 92 is the Prince of Bengal, 94 is a Fish and Chip shop, 96 is squatted, and 98 is Jeremy's stamp shop

 ?2013 - present

Occupied by the Sushi Corner Japanese takeout/restaurant, who added a fence and outdoor seating when they moved in.

 ?Year - ?2013

This was the AK City Indo-Chinese takeaway (short for Angkor Wat), run by Steven and Lin Chung. In 2007 the couple were interviewed by the Guardian about their experiences in 1970s Cambodia. Said Steven:

"My father was a chef in Cambodia - he cooked for weddings and receptions for friends and neighbours. My training was as a cobbler, but when I came over here in 1980, shoe factories were closing down; it was the wrong moment to be a shoe-maker. That's why I ended up cooking."

The mural outside depicts Angkor Wat, painted by the East Oxford Action group to prevent graffiti. In 2017 it was still visible, though faded, but has now been painted over with a mural celebrating local funky brass band Horns of Plenty.

2008: AK City Takeout with the mural of Angkor Wat painted by East Oxford Action.


 ?1920s - 2008

A chip shop.

Thomsons Directory 1988 to 2008 Wings fish & chips
Kelly's Directory 1964 to 1976 and Yellow Pages 1979 A & M Johnson, fish & chips
Kelly's Directory 1943 to 1962 John Denton, fish & chips
Kelly's Directory 1920 Mrs Silman, fried fish

Before then?

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