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This is the page for East Oxford Community Centre.

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This is the East Oxford Community Centre.  It's the hub of the community and lots of groups are located here, including:

Ed Pope is compiling an on-line archive of performances at the Catweazle Club, which has taken place nearly every Thursday in EOCC since the autumn of 2005

The buildings round the back yard have housed, among other projects, Bloomin' Arts (see Oxford Mail 15.8.2016 "Blooming 1970s Creativity"), its successor from 1977 Fusion (see http://livewell.oxfordshire.gov.uk), and the Oxford Claimants Union (for an oral history see http://vimeo.com/11237122)

The building was formerly the Cowley St John Boys' School built in 1871 (architect Charles Buckeridge).[1]

"The East Oxford Community Centre and Oxford Action Resource Centre, plus the Claimants Union - I remember how we defeated the Poll Tax by good organisation and campaigning, 1990." -Tim Murphy

Before then?

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  1. On Foot In Oxford No.12 East Oxford, Malcolm Graham 1987