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This is the page for 11 Cowley Road.

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Number 11 Cowley Road in 1977 was Razors - Mike's Café is next door at number 13


Number 11 is now a private residence, and has been for many years.


Bookshop at the Plain.[1]


This was Razors, this shop sold punk accessories and 50s style American clothes. Inside it was covered with all shiny black plastic. From an interview with the Dec 6 - 19 1977 edition of the Back-Street Bugle, the owners say "We sell punk things, but we're really into 1950s American clothes, music, decor and cars." It moved in March 1978.

1976 - 1977

It was called Plain Clothing and then briefly Tacky Glamour (painted with a rainbow and run by Maddy). A photograph of April 1976 appears to show this shop with the name The Nearly Shop and a larger sign "Everything Secondhand".[2]

before?1943 -1973

Kellys Directory 1943 to 1973 Chas Wood & Sons furniture removers (now based at Horspath Industrial Estate)

Before then?

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