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This is the page for 252 Cowley Road.

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2017: Express Pizza has just been closed and the shop awaits renovation.


Now German Doner Kebab. August 2017
Formerly home of Express Pizza takeout, in March 2017 the shop lay empty. Colourful Cowley Road murals adorn the top floor.
Thomsons Directory 2007 to 2010 Kebabish

1940s - 1990s

Thomsons Directory 1984 and 2004 Proctor's chemists
Kelly's Directory 1943 to 1976 No 252 Geo B Rose & Son chemists, also in Thomson's Directory 1981. Can be seen in a photo of 1987[1]

Before then?

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  1. Marilyn Yurdan, The Changing Faces of the Cowley Road