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This is the page for 39 - 45 Cowley Road

At present this is private residences. 41 to 45 are not numbered or named, but there is the coat of arms of Mansfield College above the gate.

Before the current building was built there was an open space here for some years. A photo of July 1991 in Marilyn Yurdan's "The Changing Faces of the Cowley Road" shows Nos 39, 41 and 43 all empty and flyposted over

39 Cowley Road.

Kellys Directory 1976: No 39 M Mannion cycle dealer.
Kellys Directory 1970 to 1975 No 39 Television Centre
Kellys Directory 1968 No 39 Phonographic Ltd amusement machine vendors
Kellys Directory 1966 Nos 33 to 39 Nu Homes furnishers
Kellys Directory 1920 to 1964 J Hewitt & Sons, cycle makers

41 & 43 Cowley Road.

In February 1952, William Henry Simmons was declared bankrupt; he had been running a business dealing in fireplaces from this address.[1]
Kellys Directory 1952 No 27 & No 41 Simmons & Amos, fireplaces

Thomsons Directory 1984 No 41 Maison Barbara, Yellow pages 1979 No 41 Maison Barbara. ladies hairdressers
Kellys Directory 1967 to 1975 No 41a P W James carpenter
Kellys Directory 1966 to 1976 No 43 Maison Barbara, 1954 to 1964 No 41 Maison Barbara, ladies hairdressers
Kellys Directory 1899 to 1964 No 43 A Ludecke, tobacconist (in 1920 also musical instrument dealer)

45 Cowley Road.

Thomsons Directory 1984 No 45 Brets Burgers. There was a fire at Brets Burgers which may have led to the buildings being demolished.
Kellys Directory 1975 No 45 Surma café
Kellys Directory 1970 to 1973 No 45 Norwegian Wood café
Kellys Directory 1962 to 1964 No 45 Woodcraft Workshop, furniture
Kellys Directory 1952 to 1958 No 45 Car Collection Co. Ltd

Before then?

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