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This is the page for 7 Cowley Road.

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1995: Photographed by Martin Stott


This is a recently opened beauty parlour.


For some years this was The Mens Room barber shop, now closed. See Isolarion by James Attlee "Purification". Thomsons Directory 1999 No 7 The Mens Room


It was 'Sweet Charity', a charity clothes shop, during the 1990s. A photo of the interior from April 1994 is in Marilyn Yurdan's "The Changing Faces of the Cowley Road". Thomsons Directory 1988 and 1995 list Sweet Charity as No 7.

No 7a (same as No 9?)

There appears to be some confusion over exact address and business names at this number.

A 1995 photo by Martin Stott is shown to the right, with the business name AromaLife.

Thomsons Directory 1991 No 7a G Bloch Gowns
Kellys Directory 1973 No 9 S Ford shoe shop
Kellys Directory 1960 to 1967 No 7a Bloch Gowns
Kellys Directory 1956 to 1958 No 9 Bloch Gowns
Kellys Directory 1954 No 9 Arthur Pike watchmaker.


Kelly's Directory  1972 and1974 Indian Emporium. A photo of April 1976 shows the shop had moved to 55 High Street.[1]

1950s & 1960s

Kellys Directory 1960 to 1964 No 7 P J O'Leary confectioner
Kellys Directory 1954 to 1958 No 7 Bert Long confectioner
Kellys Directory 1952 No 7 T J Fitzgerald confectioner & greengrocer


Kelly's directory of 1920 and 1932 list the shop as Charles Dance, fruiterer.

Before then?

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  1. Marilyn Yurdan