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This is the page for 92 Cowley Road.

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2020: Atomic burger, with recently revealed former Curry's cycle shop signage. Photo by Paul Freestone.
2017: Atomic Burger, with residential flats above and a member of the ubiquitous Deliveroo precariat cycling past.

2010s - present

This is Atomic Burger. In 2020, the Atomic Burger signage was removed to reveal the old Curry's bicycle shop signs. Judging from the logo, they probably date from the 1950s [1].

2009 - ?

This was Cafe Milano. A photo of the cafe can be seen here..Although they featured the Italian flag, it seems to have been run and staffed by Russians. Thomsons Directory 2009 and 2010 Milano

2004 - 2005

It was the Globe cafe/bar with dancing in the basement including club Mango. Thomsons Directory 2004 and 2005 No 92 Globe Café Bar


In 1998 the upstairs floors of No 92 were squatted, and it was here that the meeting took place to plan the occupation of the former Oxford LMS station. The building where the Said Business School now stands was occupied from May to September 1998 in protest against the 6-lane junction, the felling of trees, the removal of a listed building and the questionable source of Wafiq Said's fortune.

1980s - 2003

This was 'The Prince of Bengal' Indian restaurant, listed in Thomson's Directory 1988 and 2003.

See photo at number 94

1930s - 1970s

In April 1976 shortly after the Penultimate Picture Palace was opened by Bill Heine, his wife opened a a poster shop "The Silent Screen".[2] opposite, in no 92. It was painted black to match the cinema. Later she made it into a waffle restaurant The chef was from Yugoslavia, called Dragan.

Kelly's Directory 1968 to 1976 No 92 Reeve's (Oxford) Ltd, heating engineers, DIY supplies (see No 78)
Kelly's Directory 1962 to 1964 No 92 Viewline Ltd television relay service
Kelly's Directory 1934 to 1960 No 92 Curry's Ltd cycle dealers

Before then?

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  2. See photo in Marilyn Yurdan's The Changing Faces of the Cowley Road