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This is the page for 84 Cowley Road.

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February 2017


The Greek Taverna Restaurant occupies this address.


 ?2010 - ?2015

This was a Russian restaurant called Arbat.


2008: A photo by Ceridwen at geograph.co.uk shows a Polish restaurant here.

A photo by Ceridwen at geograph.co.uk shows this address occupied by a Polish restaurant.


The Kari King curry house. Particularly popular for after hours drinking where the purchase of a naan alone would allow you carry on purchasing drinks after 11pm.
Thomsons Directory 1991 to 2004 No 84 Punjabi Kitchen


Thomson's Directory 1981 and 1984 Anglo-Indian Tandoori restaurant

1962 - 1973

Kellys Directory 1962 to 1973 Himalay restaurant


Kellys Directory 1956 to 1960 No 84 H C Reeves grocer
Kellys Directory 1954 No 84 A N Page grocer
Kellys Directory 1952 No 84 T H H Green, grocer

Before then?

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