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This is the page for 86 Cowley Road.

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 ?Date - present

This is Millefeuille cafe.


This was the Adult Bookshop windowless and painted purple (see photo on top right of front cover of Annie Skinner's Cowley Road A History (2008)


Thomsons Directory 1991 Hair Network


This was part of the Trident Discount Centre (see No 90).

1880s - 1971

Kellys Directory 1900 to 1971 Nos 86 to 90 a branch of  F Cape & Co department store.
Kellys Directory 1899 Nos 86 to 90 G W Turner, general draper (No 134 Cape & Co drapers)
Nos 86 to 90 redeveloped 1880[1]

Before then?

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  1. On Foot In Oxford No 12 East Oxford text by Malcolm Graham