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This is the page for 148 Cowley Road.

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January 2018 it reopened as Tucano Deli, Brazilian food

?Date - 2017

This was Pastiche (spelt with the C backwards). The sign later said Lemon Mint (but it was still Pastiche). Nov 2017 the shop was closed.

 before?1999 - after?2010

This was MCM Computers. Thomsons Directory 1999 to 2010


Thomsons Directory 1988 and 1991 Freeman Financial Services


Kellys Directory 1969 to 1975 No 148 S Cowans turf accountant (later at No 144)

1930s - 1969

Kelly's Directory 1958 to 1969 No 148 Colorbrush Ltd wallpaper
Kelly's Directory 1952 to 1956 No 148 G Widger & Sons wallpaper
Kelly's Directory 1934 and 1943 Lyster Bros wallpaper


Before then?

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